Sunday, 25 October 2015

Everfrost Single Updated and New Cover

My band, Everfrost have now released an updated version of the Silver Nights, Golden Dreams single we originally made available in December, 2014. The track was in its early stages at that point and as the release of our upcoming album, Blue Eyed Emotion comes closer we decided to update the single release with the track in its current form.
The final album version will of course be polished some more and remastered, but here is a closer look into the album’s progression. I hope you enjoy the song along with the two B-sides and new album artwork! This release is available exclusively on

Recently I also made a metal cover of 'Shocking Party' by the band A-Rise from the anime Love Live! School Idol Project. It is available to stream on Soundcloud and I made a cover video for it on Youtube.
I'm very busy with our upcoming album at the moment as we are aiming to have the mix ready by the second week of November and then send it for mastering. There will be more news and information on the album coming next month! 

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