Friday, 7 November 2014

Album Drums in One Day

I did it! Due to limited funds and time we could only get one night in the studio for drums and thankfully I managed to drum the whole album in time.
It was only my friend, Harry and I in the studio with no one else. Luckily we ran into no problems and that studio was a dream to use. Unlike certain others...

We were at SAE institute and got to use their new Avid setup which was really innovative and quite efficient once we figured out how to use the Xmon interface. Good selection of outboard gear and pre-amps too.

I used a combination of gear from my own kit and my friend, Lloyd. Namely his Pearl Reference snare, K Hybrid cymbals and Pearl Masterworks floor tom. If anyone has been curious I use a 6 piece Pearl Vision series kit with a variety of trash for cymbals. Most of it is pretty average but sounds decent with good tuning and heads. The best gear I own is the shell pack and my Axis longboards, I guess. I was so glad when I could finally get those pedals. 

Our micing configuration was pretty standard. AKG D112 on the kick drum, SM57s on the snare and rack toms, Sennheiser 421 on the 14" floor tom, Shure Beta 52 on the 16" floor tom and the overheads were some AKG pencil condenser pair.. We couldn't even tell because there was so much tape and shit on them. All mics sent to the Avid pre-amps apart from the overheads which we used the Focusrite pre's on. And the right overhead is drooping in the photo, we did correct it before recording! 

I still haven't got around to removing the Skyhammer head from my kick drum.. xD
Overall the session went really smoothly like I said, most songs were done in one take and we actually finished early for the first time ever! The only struggle was hauling the drums and hardware up the stairs and cramming it in the elevator.
Thanks for reading about the album progress, it's coming together really nicely and I'll have more news about it soon.

Plus I recently did a cover of Equilibrium's song Waldschrein from their latest album, Erdentemple!

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