Saturday, 4 October 2014

Album Progress

Blue Eyed Emotion has been an album I've dreamed of making for so long, every day it now takes a step closer to being reality.  As the songs take shape and I organise what each will need, it becomes more evident that this album will be a huge undertaking, especially for me. However, getting a glimpse of what the finished product will be like is very exciting, definitely when Hew's vocal parts come together. He is making this project such an epic experience and doing a fantastic job on every song. If you haven't yet, you can visit him over on Youtube and Soundcloud!

For the last few weeks I've been working on guitar tracking and keyboards, but I've been arranging orchestrations at the same time. It feels like this will never end because to conserve processing power I have been working on the different sections of each song in separate projects. When the initial editing, processing, shaping etc of each section is done I will export them into fresh tracks and combine it all in mixing projects for each song. Doing this is time consuming but without funds for more computer power I just have to make do. I'm a firm believer in doing the best with what you have and of course I am working very carefully to make sure the album sounds the best it can. I can already say it will be far superior to the first album.

Most songs will be fairly orchestral and this time the song arrangements have more detail. It's hard to describe the musical influence at the moment but the songs are very energetic and over the top. The album will have a noticeable anime flavour but the focus is definitely symphonic power metal. One new instrument I'll be including and performing myself is tin whistle, giving a celtic folk taste to certain songs. Strangely, industrial and techno elements are creeping into the mixture too. It's clear that there will be a lot of variety however the overall sound is consistent. The album has a focused tone and colour.

More about the album soon.
I've been working on Youtube covers when I get free time and I will also be involved with a special project soon, I'll tell more when the time is right.

Check out two anime twin guitar covers I made here:
I did Monochrome no Kiss from Kuroshitsuji and Crossing Field from Sword Art Online!

Thanks for reading, more news coming soon!

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